Robert Lamb ~ Gallery ~ Power-Con 2013

Photos and Videos from Fans & Friends


John Carroll (a.k.a. Horror Host, Danvers) interviewed me at Power-Con for his show Demented Features. I recount my journey from boarding 1st season He-Man to writing scripts for 2nd season He-Man and 1st season She-Ra.

Here I am with John Carroll at the Power-Con Wrap Party. Just a couple of smirks for the camera.

I got off easy this year with just one Filmation panel on She-Ra, Princess of Power. 

From left to right: writers Barbara Hambly,  Robert Lamb, J. Larry Carroll; animator Rich Arons.

Then I came face-to-face with Tri-Klops whose voice sounded suspiously like uber-costumer, Johnny Bilson. This encounter was captured by MYP He-Man head writer, Dean Stefan.

Rock Vivien, fabulous fan from France, brought me Belgium beer. We toasted our reunion having first met at last year’s Power-Con.

The costumes were so good this year.

Behold, Shadow Weaver!

You know you have finally arrived when a drink is named after your first script.

Bartender, pour me Into The Abyss!

John Carroll waits patiently for me to prepare for my interview.

No one looks good next to He-Man, no matter how hard you try.

Katy Haile (aka She-Brite) is always a joy, radiant and giggly as ever.

It was great seeing and speaking to Alan Oppenheimer (center), THE voice of Skeletor, Cringer, Man-At-Arms and many others, and Tom Cook (left), Filmation animator, after all these years.

Karla Marsh, Power-Con Power Person, bought a set of 3 children’s books that my wife wrote and I illustrated. The books are called “The King’s Children.”

For me the best thing about Power-Con is catching up with old Filmation friends. Artist Larry Houston and writer Larry DiTillio dropped by to talk over old times and where we are now.

Filmation Storyboard Alumni: Robert Lamb, Gary Goldstein, Vic Dal Chele, Tom Tataranowicz and Tom’s wife, Debbie in front.

The banquet was a blast. I had the pleasure of the company of Jack and Leslie Wadsworth (He-Man, She-Ra Power Tour) and their daughter Olivia (who is holding her newly published book) and James Eatock. They were at my table last year, too.

These are the two rascals who introduced me to the wide world of MOTU fandom: James Eatock and Zadoc Angell, former proprietors of the He-Man & She-Ra Episode Review website.

The Official Power-Con Video Guy, Daniel Benedict, interviewed me at Power-Con 2013. I marvel at the 30th anniversary of He-Man and recall writing of 2 stories of the1st season She-Ra: Micah of Bright Moon and Loo Kee Lends a Hand.